About Me

Why Me

  • I am a team player who likes to share knowledge or receive feedback
  • I pay attention to the details as I'm always looking for the finest results and the best methods
  • I offer you suggestions instead of criticism
  • I am the type of developer who will think twice and code once
  • I am honest, self-motivated and I am adaptable

More Facts

  • I like reading Books
  • I am a amateur Sailor
  • Sometimes I play Diablo III
  • I take the life with humor
  • I like what I am doing

My Story

I taught myself to program. I have been programming with Swift for about 5 years. It makes me happy to create iOS & macOS apps. I also have a basic knowledge of web development. Also, I have been using Flutter for a year now, to create Apps for iOS and also for Android.

I learn something new every day to stay up to date. My routine also includes reading tech articles every day (from medium), ride my bike every day. Participating in online chats about coding (through discord). Creating german coding ebooks, writing articles on my blog: davidsblog.tech