Simple Money

iOS iPadOS macOS

This app is a simple cash book app for the household! Keep track of your Income and your Expense. Track your balance, to see if you are in the plus and see your statistic for your income, expense.


Home Capital


My macOS App „HomeCapital“ is a house holding App, where you can keep track of your Income and Outcome. "I wanted a very simple budget book app, without any frills!" - David Koenig


Sail Learn

iOS iPadOS

This App is only in German (for Germany, Austria & Switzerland). This App is about sailing, sailing theory and the rules on the water. It also has some quiz where you can test your knowledge!


Rabby Do

iOS iPadOS macOS

This iPhone app is a ToDo app where you can create lists of related tasks! This app uses iCloud, so you can sync the data between different iOS and macOS devices!




Simple Network Status App. See your Network Speed Traffic. You see, the full amount for your Download & Upload for your current Session! For macOS 10.13 or higher.


Child Shapes

iOS iPadOS

This App is for children developed, but also fun for older people! You have to bring diffrent Shapes to the right place. It also has an AR Game, where you play in the Real World.


Ice Puck

iOS iPadOS

This was my first gaming App. This App is about a Ice Hockey and you have to bring the puck to the goal, but there are enemy players! It is a skill game and needs your concentration.


Pig Oboli

iOS iPadOS

This App is funny Money Saver and there you can save your Pocket-Money. This App is for young children but also adults can have fun with that App.


Rabbit Pepper

iOS iPadOS

Rabbit Pepper is my pet and so I wanted a app for her! So I decided to make a simple animated iMessage App. The App is kept simple and is very cute. Suitable for children.


Doggy Chuck

iOS iPadOS

Doggy Chuck is about the pet of my Sister and also has now a animated iMessage App. The App is kept simple and is very cute. Suitable for children.